As the sun was about to set, the party started. Kitorng start with the BBQ. Alhamdulillah and thanks to Malik and Abdul Rahman who bought lots of halal chicken and halal chicken burger to Lough Derg. Actually kitorng kena potong seniri semua ayam2 tu coz diorng x mintak pakcik kedai potongkn sbb nk jimat. Sbb too many peha ayam yg diorng beli, so pakcik kedai tu kenakan kos tambahan untk potong, jd kitorng pun kena la potong seniri2.

Habes satu hal...tgh potong2 tu pulak, banyak anjing2 jinak ni cuba pulak nak join sama. Harem betol la...luckily ada irish2 yg berjaya membawa anjing2 tu main kat tempat lain. Kesian gak kat one of the dog tu coz it lost one of its fingernail n it bleeds alot! Poor doggy!

-Abg pemotong daging- :D

Dalam pokul 7 petang lebih kurang, kitorng dah bleh start makan2. alkisahnya pun semua org gembira...makan ayam n burger dgn satu troli dunnes roti..troli tu pun diorng bawak skali actually. haha. letak kat tmpt beg dalam bas.

So lepas dah makan kenyang sket, kitorng pun start masuk dalam n mula la bersembng2. we chosed to hang around at the last table coz x ramai sgt org. tgh2 best bersembng, ttba ada org dtg ajak main card kat situ. so aku pun join la. this time the game is called rapid or sth camtu la. kiranya maksudnya laju. for those who doesnt know how to play this card game, tnya la ye sapa2 yg tau. :P

at first i just observed Malik and Margaret playing the card but after Malik lost twice to Margaret who doesn't seem to show any pity for that gentleman, a rookie ultraman volunteered himself to replace Malik and that ultraman was me... :P

Since I'm still a beginner, so x kisah la kalau kalah. in fact, that was the first time i play this type of card game after last night of 'Texas hold em'. As expected i lost twice also but nevertheless, i got a new experienced of playing a card game... :D

Then since more people are coming to watch us at that table, Malik decided to play 'spoon' so that more people can join in n not just being an observer. again, another new game for me. in this game, for each turn, a player will be kicked out. There was about 7 to 8 of us playing that game and Malik turn out to be the winner while i was kicked out when there was only 5 of us left. (poor me aite? :])

Khusyuk ber'Spoon'

...part 3 will be continued later...

Ps: want to know what happened next mlm tu? wait eh. :D