To take part in election is exercising your right. Sometimes, we don't even know whether the election process is being done either truthfully or not. So, hopefully with this short video (obviously will never be from RTM) will raise some awareness about your right as a citizen. Before this, i heard that one of my relatives said to me that the vote could be trace thus for government officer, it would be bad if they choose to vote for the opposition. I thought it was an excuse that she gave so that she does have to go out to vote. Now, i know it is true. So, after this, you should not afraid anymore about your vote being trace.

I still remember that during the general election in 2008, the undi post did not reach Ireland. It stucked somewhere in UK according to the person from embassy at that time. I was wondering at that time what happened to those votes that did not reach the people that they were supposed to. Hopefully no one cast the vote for them and it was considered as undi rosak.

In Malaysia, we (you) are rarely being educate about our right because if they (government) do, they know that people will go against them. That's why they are able to manipulate and do as they wish. The reason that they are afraid of internet also could be linked to increase in level of education and awareness among citizens. For years, we have be bullied indirectly by not being able to know our own right, be it in education, health, legal, banking system etc.

People would only know about their right if they go to lawyer and looking for some legal case to be sorted. The best example was how the saman ekor was being manipulated all these while. That way it was constructed was illegal as being exposed recently and now, the JPJ and the authority are looking a way to restructure it so that they will be able to continue collecting the money from rakyat. New system is on the way, so be careful. ^__^

As shown in this video, some worker (including police, doctors, teachers etc) who was paid by the government to serve the rakyat (people) act as if they were the only truth. Whatever they say is right and you cannot go against them. If only you know your right, they won't be able to do that. The same about doing a rally which was suppose to be control by the police, not being held by them!

This is only a little exposure of your right as a citizen although it would give a great impact on the future of our beloved country, Malaysia. Hopefully, Malaysians would be able to exercise their right without any fear anymore.  

yours truly,
A young generation of Malaysian