currently i'm doing the student selective component module. The topic that i had chosen was about the optional (temporary) Inferior vena cava filter uptake rate. I'm probably looking at the rate of intake of two different types of optional filter. So, while doing this, i'll be in the radiology department at one of the hospital here in dublin for 6 weeks. Technically i will be there only for 5 weeks because next week, me and my friend will be going to Waterford Regional Hospital which is about 3 to 4 hours from here and we will be spending a week there.

Honestly i'm not so sure why do we have to go there because most of the data that i need can be obtain from this hospital, but i reckon they just want to expose us to the different modality of radiology department around the country. One of the aim of this module is to expose the student to the career pathway that they are interested in. As for me, this topic actually give me a lot of insight about the radiology department itself and it gives me some new option that i might consider in my career after this insyaAllah.

We always associate the radiology department with X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI and all sort of scan that are available. However, now I know that they are actually more that that. In the radiology department, they do all sort of thing. including some minor surgery which mostly vascular. The coolest i ever watch so far was the aneurysm (dilatation) repair. They do what they call coiling for this procedure. It helps to reduce the chance of the aneurysm to rupture. Somehow, they are small risk of the surgeon to rupture the aneurysm itself while doing the procedure and it can lead to intra-cranial bleeding and lead to infarction of the area of the brain that is supplied by the vessels that ruptured. Other than this, the surgeon in the radiology department also do things like inserting the IV catheter for patient, nephrogram, angiogram and to some extent, stenting of the vessels.

It has been more than a week there in the radiology department and i find myself starting to like the place very much although there are not much natural light down there. ^__^ The nurses, radiographers and doctors over there are so kind to us (me and my friend). They treat us like we are part of the team. We get the same treatment like everyone else and from my observation, there are also less bureaucratic down there. They seems to be a very perfect big family over there. As time passed by and i'm starting to know more people, i feel like i'm actually working over there regardless the lack of knowledge on my behalf.

Next week, i'll be in Waterford. A whole new experience of radiology in peripheral hospital hopefully. Can't wait to learn more and more. The schedule is out and seems like we have lots of tutorials to attend.
Now is time to do some revision or...maybe going out to some beautiful garden perhaps. ^O^