Today as usual, we had lectures. not much different from any other day in a sense that I was half-asleep during the lectures as usual -.- but somehow, i was fresh all the way today when Prof Jocehn Phren together with his funny german-english accent (if u know what i mean) gave the lecture. Anyway, the lecture given by Dr. Eva Doherty today was a kinda making me thought about something. As usual she started her lecture with some again-short-video-session (as my rum8 predicted) in the beginning. Today, the short clip was taken from the movie, 28 days if I'm not mistaken.

The movie was about a girl who's trying to fight her addiction. Sandra Bullock was the main actress. ^-^ Thats not the case anyway.
Here how the crucial part goes. As i was half-awake during the lecture given by Dr. Doherty, i realized that i was about 5 to 10 slides behind while leaving some sleepy-person-scratch-notes on the paper, when she mention something about liking and wanting. The lecture today was about the "Emotional and Cognitive Aspects of Addiction". all of sudden, I was no longer sleepy. very weird actually. something suddenly struck me. its about the liking and wanting. she mention something like - "u can like something but not wanting it at the same time because liking and wanting came from different part of your brain"- or something to that effect.

dunno where it came from or how it came into my mind, suddenly i started to think about love . its weird enough coz early in the lecture (before i was half-asleep), i tried to put myself in a shoes of someone who's addicted to games :p.
If I'm not mistaken, its the limbic system that responsible for the survival of human races and its also responsible for the affection toward something. Insula according to Dr. Gary Duffin is the one responsible for the pain associated with emotion, so i reckon its the same thing that effect the emotion. The limbic system. (Correct me if i made a mistake here.)

As i started to put liking and wanting to their places for further evaluation, i came out with the stupid rationalization regarding why sometimes people like someone but not loving them (in a true sense of love) and not wanting to live with them. Probably what is happening (from my POV) is that both part which responsible for liking and wanting are not being cooperative or mb not activated on the same basis. So, as one is activated, the other one is not, thus making ones only either like or want something but not in a full affection to able him to own that something.

My justification here is that true love arises from these two feelings. Feelings? whatever u wanna call it. In the mean time, when thinking about long married couple, mb this is the thing that hold them together. I'm not saying that these were the only thing as we know so many more thing that keep them together such as kids etc. but, without these 2 feelings that gave birth to love, i wonder how can someone live with someone who's he only like but do not want them. at the same time, mb this is also the reason why some initially-happy-couples stranded in the middle of their journey and had to re-run the path again. Not enough activation of the neurotransmitter mb to brought them to the end. Marriage. :p

And as for me, i might had ran through the same path at some stage of my life but as i said, mb just by liking someone, it wasn't enough. to re-run it again, i need some cool down periode. so, lets like lots of people, but loves only few of them. as i always remind myself, keep the option open until u really meet someone whom u both like and want. :p

So, what i'm trying to say here is that liking someone is another thing and wanting to be with them is another thing. So, to all my friends (guys expecially) next time i say that i like someone, plz don't take my word wrongly okay!! Love will only flourish if both are present.

in short,
liking+wanting= love :p
agree? the choice is yours.