Assalamualaikum and good day to all,

This week, so many events happening. Among those were me joining the RCSI Fencing Club, we got back out normal internet speed (which i reckon not long until we get throttle again )and me becoming more active like i used to be. Playing all sort of sports available in front of me including badminton, volleyball, football, basketball n the latest one, fencing.
Gonna be the next Hang Tuah maybe. :p
Thanks to mr-nice and irish-customer-service guy for walk your talk. not like the Mr. I***** that i spoke few weeks ago. liar!


Again as usual also, we have very little class this week. In fact, there is no class at all tomorrow. kind of weird as it is Thursday. Anyway, we are now learning about the brain structure and we have 3 practical session every week. One neuroanatomy practical and 2 head and skull practical.

For me, the first one is the best of all as we are able to look at the REAL human brain! yes, the actual brain! FYI, its very sticky and spongy. Human brain also very delicate and complex. as my demonstrator said, the deep we go in, the more complex it will get. so far, we learned about the area on the cortex (surface) of the brain and identifying the origin of all the 12 cranial nerve and look at the formation of Circle of Willis which carefully designed by HIM to supply all part of the brain with nutrients. Subhanallah... This friday, i reckon we'll be looking deeper into the human brain and try to identify all those putamen, striatum, genu etc. [dont worry about these weird terms :) ]

Anyway, i can't wait for this December as i'm gonna have a special guest from Malaysia. Haven't met him for almost 4 years now. Hope everything is getting well and on schedule Ashraf. Don't forget to tell me ur time of arrival ya.... ah, the nurse on call thingy...tomorrow i'm gonna try to settle everything n hope that i can work during this winter holiday after the exam which is scheduled on early January. 8th Jan if i'm not mistaken. Please all, pray for our success as this semester is very though. sooooo many new terms to remember especially all those friendly named drugs. duh...

k, better get going. need to get some sleep for a long day tomorrow.... :D

p/s: Jom semua pergi ke perjumpaan dgn setiausaha menteri pengajian tinggi tu esok. 6pm at RCSI. O'Flannagan Lecture Hall.