Hello Marta,

How are you lately? how have you been keeping on with the two children that you are taking care of? I hope that you are in the pink of health. First of all i would like to say that i am very sorry for keeping it long before i write this entry. I know that i promised it to be a few weeks ago but sometimes i just don't have the mood to write. Again, I'm so sorry. 

First of all, I would like to say that I am glad that somehow we were destined to meet again after the short initial introduction on the plane. As u said last time, everything that happen on our journey to Dublin was a coincidence. The plane sit, the last person going into the place etc. It definitely is a coincidence! However, I would say, serendipity. (Do watch that serendipity movie okay!) Haha. I never thought that I would met another medical student in such a situation. Anyhow, thanks for turning up on that day in front of St. Stephen green shopping centre. Honestly, I did not expect to see you again after the day at the airport. It was quite unusual (if could say) for me and you (i assume) to meet someone that we barely know on a 'date'. Oh, and it was at 8am! :-P

Anyhow, i really hope that you enjoy Dublin back then although the weather was not on our side. Being a tour guide for a few hours with you was really a pleasure. Hopefully you will be able to give some guide to your mom when she come to visit you later. Also, please told her that i am very sorry if i had cause her a great worry last time because i fully understand your situation; being a single daughter of the family, away from home etc. I am glad that the day went well and you can continue working as a babysitter with Alan's family. He is such a nice employer. ^__^

Regarding the lunch last time, i think it was one of the best i ever had. Obviously not the food as i just had a slice of pizza and you with your homemade sandwiches. I would definitely try that again. Never thought that eating on the riverside's bench would be wonderful except that we had to witness that couple fighting. That guy was such a loser. I would definitely find another place for us to eat if I was not rushing for the prayer. Hopefully it was a good experience for you as well.

People say that bringing out topics such as religion, politics and history were a bad start for the first date but i think we proved it wrong! Definitely it was fine if your date also has lots of interest in it! Hehe. I hope I was able to clear a few misunderstanding about Islam that you had and not too corny. Obviously Islam was not too foreign for you as you already knew about Ramadhan (fasting month), prayer and so on. Maybe after this you can do more reading about this world fastest growing religion! I would definitely sit and talk about all these again if we ever had a chance to meet again in the future. or, even thru facebook. Haha. Well...I do have plan to go to Spain in the future and i reckon you can handle the distance between Lleida and Cordoba, do you? :-)

Okay, before I bored you more, I hope that you'll enjoy your stay in Ireland and reach the targets that you have in mind. May you continue doing all those charity works as well. I really envy the effort that you have! The world definitely need more future doctors like you. Keep in touch.


Yours truly,
Muaz Adam

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