part 2 of the journey in Barcelona (edited*)

The Be Hostel sound that i stayed in has some disadvantage in term of power sockets inside the room. They only have them at one corner (at least in the room that i stayed in) although there were more than enough to be used by 10 person.

since I dont want to act awkwardly by arching over my newly met friend who was sleeping on the bed in order to get to the power socket, i decided to charge my phone in the common room area where the breakfast was served. 
Following the breakfast, i noticed something wrong. My skin was peeling badly especially on the nasal bridge and on the forehead. Probably because of the heat or maybe the sunburn. The next thing i did was i quickly went to the pharmacy and get the facial cleaner that help to de-skin the part that was peeling. quite costly since they dont have the regular Nivea, so i just bought a product from a brand that i never heard of which cost me almost 20 euro! pFFFT!

The 2nd day start at 10 am although i already awake since 8am. it was the 'free' tour guide conducted by a guy named Adam. He was from aussie. There were 2 different guides that happen at the same time. One is call Gaudi Tour and the other one is Gothic Tour. They do this twice every day, one in the morning and one in the evening. so, you can go to either one in the morning and the next one in the evening or the following day.
Famous restaurant. One of Messi's favorite. Specialize in snails cooking.

Picasso was accepted at a very young age here in this building. Some kind of arts university

Adam with the background of old Roman's wall
In my opinion, the good thing about this tour was that it brought you around the gothic part (old city) of barcelona and at the same time went through some interesting history of the history including where Mr. Christopher Columbus brought back some native american to barcelona and met Queen Isabella to tell her about the success of the mission. We were sitting on the stairs where it all happened some hundreds years ago while he went through the history. Plus, the tour also allow you to meet and interact with new people including a lady (sorry Mong. :P) from Malaysia who was actually enjoying her holiday in europe.

At lunchtime, we had a 3 course menu lunch at one of the restaurant in Plaza Real. It was very cheap. Less than 10 euro and you can get a proper 3 course menu with free water. :P Definitely it was a new experience for me as i rarely had any lunch experience as such. Oh, this place was also where all the 'magic' happen on my last night in Barcelona which i would tell more on the last part of the trip.

Lunch with Mong
So, at about 3pm, we both went back to each other hostel (after some quick strolling at the La Rambla) and have some rest before going out again at 4pm for another tour. The Gaudi Tour. This time, Ola (she is from Poland) guided us through the whole tour and we visited almost all the important work arts of the great architect, Gaudi. By going out with the tour group, you don't just see the arts but also know a little bit about them in which if you have great interest, you can visit again at your own pleasure although it would cost some amount of money. At least 10 euro. many are actually cost about 15 euro+. On this tour, i met Mickael, Fred and some other people. Below are some pics from the evening tour.

@ one of Gaudi's masterpiece
@ the famous market. Off la rambla
@ Sagrada da Familia
One more interesting part about this 2nd day was it somehow fall on the San Juan Festival. So, although it was only 6pm when the tour finished, many of us already headed towards the beach area where the celebration took place. In fact, two of the people from the tour already wore their beach shorts on the tour! As for me, I decided to go back to the hostel immediately after the tour, prayed asar and then went to the beach with the other group as Mong and Mickael decided to go for Tapas and something tour (more like a traditional dinner and some dancing show going on at the same time). it cost only 20 euro! ;p

So, as day went by (post quick kebab dinner), we eventually reached the beach at around 10pm. Initially there was only 4 of us just sitting on the beach and talking with the background of locals that keep lighting up the firecrackers. At about 12 midnight after the other finished enjoying their tapas and something-that-i-forgot-the-name, we all sit together in a group of about 10 people and started to enjoy the scenes. The Catalan really celebrate this event which some said was even merrier than the Christmas celebration (without the santa). They said it was considered as some sort of new year celebration which could be true as people did went to the beach with tents and barbecues and the most important of all, firecrackers and fireworks!

Apart from people skinny dipping in the Mediterranean and getting drunk, the rest were fine. We stay on the beach almost until 4am when everyone decided to go back as some  of us need to catch bus and flight to their next destination. Overall, it was fun just sitting and talking, sharing experiences and knowing a little bit more about everything and one another. :)
I slept soundly after performing the subuh (morning) prayer before begin the journey on my last day at Barcelona as a lone ranger . ^__^

p/s: I'll put more pictures later as those pics are on my other comp. wait for the FC barcelona, park gueil and last night dinner experience. bye..