Today wikileaks is no longer available for access, or probably since yesterday. I'm not quite sure when it was taken down together with thousands of secret documents that the US government hide earlier.

Many of us may not even notice about this as we are either do not care anymore regarding what is happening around us or could also be because we are underinformed. This sorts of story could probably never reach utusan Malaysia (for malaysian) as it has no concern at all about bashing the opposition party and could probably do more harm to the image of the government.

Whistlerblower such as this site is seen as a threat to many people/countries especially leaders around the world with their madness for power. Lots of similar cases also happened in our own country, Malaysia. Altantuya could probably be one of the whistleblower-in-the-making when she was bombed to pieces so thus few others who have to sneak out of the country for their safety because they revealed some "sensitive" informations.

Back to the case of wikileaks, for those who have no clue at all what was recently published there, the site actually released hundreds of thousands of secret document concerning US and their allies around the world. Mostly concerning their diplomats in other countries and also their officers in the UN and so on. All these US agents around the world, when communicating, they would use some coded language so that in case of being intercepted, it would reveal less sensitive information and they also would record all these down. These collection of conversation were kept secret and somehow, someone able to obtain this and sent it to wikileaks for publishing.

Among the few documents that i find a bit shocking was how a king in the middle east asked the US gov. to help destroying the Republic of Iran. Others are like the US agent in UN building are asked to do data mining on expenses of the credit card of other countries representatives including getting their frequent fliers number, US describing the Pakistan as not being able to take care of their own nuclear weapon and there will be time when they have to take control of it, Russia was described as an open mafia state and the prime minister of russia is a batman for the president and a lot other information that i cant recall.

The reason that i find this interesting is that i was looking for something to do with Malaysia and what sort of help that we asked from the US or comment that we get from the US. unfortunately, the site is now was taken down. Initially, who hosted the server decided to put an end to the hosting, then a few other big site also did the same kind of boycott thingy and latest was paypal who decided to stop people from donating to the site or something. These actions were taken after a few days of the publishing when the US government itself had to interfere in the hosting of all those information.

The best of all, the founder is now being chased all over the place. I bet he must be finding himself like a killer at the moment because all the police are looking for him. One thing that he promised is that if he is killed, all the documents-which only 1/3 had been released- will be released in full to the public and that may expose even more madness that our leaders has in their mind.


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