A short email. Thats all it takes to bring back the memories of one and a half year. Short but yet very meaningful. A part of my unknown journey in this world. The moment which i learnt to appreciating someone that i never met personally. A beautiful story of friendship that started on a basis which was funny to think about. Never thought that i would met someone like you that way. I was glad that it 'ends' in peace. I am totally happy for you and your decision. I will always remember that very brave and wise decision of yours. Always. It reminds me how we need to prioritize every single moment of our life. One that give the biggest impact in our life should be attended first.

To my dear friend whom i receive an email from today (and never know your full name), I hope you are doing well and happy with your life. May Allah always bless you and granted the best for you here and in the hear-after.

P/s: I am still waiting for your novel or whatever you write to be publish. Just let me know if it was there in the market. Even if 10 years from now. ^__^