2nd day

The next day, we went out at 9 something after some breakfast. The first pit stop for today was Eiffel tower. I was shocked to see that so many people are queuing when we arrived at around 10am. We even had some difficulty to find the ending of the line in the first place. In the end we did found it with some complement i should say. we were at the back of two gorgeous blond and blue-eyes Finnish girls...Pinea and Kaisla (both were named from some sort of plant) ^O^ 1.5 hours of queuing for the tickets seems so short today. lol. Unfortunately, our target to reach the top was somehow blocked by the fact that they closed the top of the tower. It was later when we were enjoying the city from the 2nd floor that they open it again. Here, we were no longer together with those two sisters, they went up first i think. After some half an hour ques, we finally manage to get the ticket and went to the top. To our surprised, They were there waiting for us, just to say goodbye as they said it. after some email exchange that KA did, we finally took different path. As for us we continued enjoying the moment and only about 2pm, that we decided to move to the next destination. Sacre Cour.

At the top

We went to get some food first before went to sacre cour. There, we met 2 guys from Malaysia who is on their one week trip to Europe. The shop that we had our lunch was somewhere near Anvers Metro station, very close to sacre Cour. We stopped by at the souvenir shop first before continue to walk to the top. So many people were there that day because it is a good Friday. most went there to pray i think whilst many also just to enjoy the attraction. On the way to the top, we were stopped by some people that tried to sold their very own thread-like souvenir. i immediately noticed their intention and refused straight away. KA and Faiz however stopped to entertain them and unfortunately it almost cost Faiz 5 euro but he only gave them a fifth of it. lol. KA on the other hand acted bravely by refused to give anything at all. So, to anyone who want to visit anywhere, please be careful of these dirty tactics. its better not to stop at all no matter whoever ask you anything.

Sacre Cour

Next, we went to perform the prayer at the mosque again. Faris and Adli's first visit was not so lucky as the garden was closed for tourist. i think it was because of Friday. Then, we went to Musee de Lurve while KA earlier went a different way just to meet his friend somewhere. We decided to meet at Musee de Lurve and as we were again queuing to enter the museum, KA was already inside. It turns out that it is not free at all. It is only free for student from EU. though we had to pay 6 euro to enter, it was not disappointing at all. Since out target was Mona Lisa portrait, we managed to witness it and lots of other pictures and sculptures too. Many were based on the Christian religion, it is no doubt that they are still beautifully painted and carved. as a consequence, 3 hours there was so short. personally, i think you need the whole day to enjoy the whole museum. if you go there for the sake of being there and not enjoying whatever inside, i would say it is a waste of time. even we who had spent 3 hours there had only manage to finish almost one section only. what we did was sort of scanning the whole stuff there except mona lisa. So, imagine the time that you need just to finish everything displayed there. :D

Later that night, we decided to walk to the arch de triomph, but since it was too far, we decided to go on the last day instead. We then changed our direction to get some food from. It was somewhere near KFC that we went on the first day too but instead of eating KFC, we went to the kebab house nearby. Then after that, we went back to hostel straight away as it is almost 12 midnight. everyone had a very good sleep that night including Faris who still sleep on the floor i think.

3rd day


Today we only has one place to go which is Disneyland. I went there expecting to enjoy the rides over there like roller coaster and such while others maybe has their own stuff in mind. it took about 1.5 hours to get there from where we stayed and to my surprised, it cost each of us 25 euro just to get there. we only knew this later when we arrived at the Disneyland train station that we could not pass the security. when asked, we were forced to buy this ticket that enable us to go up to zone no 5 in their rail system. on top of that, when asked about the ticket, there were no special price on the weekend thus we had to pay 62 euro more for both park. We only spent about 2 hours in the studio as most of it was meant for children (only little rides) and decided to move to another park. However to our surprised, the same thing goes on at the other park and worst, we had to wait just to get the fast pass as so many people are there. So, i decided that we should stay up till it close so that we can ride all the rides available there and fortunately, that was what we did. Luckily i did enjoy a few rides like the rockstar roller coaster in the studio park and a few other coaster at the Disneyland park like the space something and also the pirate something roller coaster.

Enjoying the moment

As a conclusion, i think what Disneyland is all about are brands, kids and family theme park and for those who want to reminisce their good old days with mickey mouse, donald duck etc. For those who expect to get a thrill rides like Faris said, better find other theme park. In fact, the Moviepark in Germany that i went last summer was much better as they has everything that Disneyland has (except that big castle) plus many other that Disneyland do not have like the solero shot and better roller coasters. Their 3D cinema also much better than the Kodak theater that is available in Disneyland Paris. The best is the price which is much much cheaper! *just my 2 cents, sorry to those who went there and enjoy your moment at Disneyland* That day, we arrived very late at night and have a good journey to fantasialand. lol. What a small world.

At night

Last day in Paris

We started our journey today to a few places that i had planned last night. 4 of them supposedly. Alhamdulillah, the 3 of us (minus Faris and Adli whom train departed earlier) manage to cover all the places as planned. We bought the daily metro ticket again which was fortunately cheap on the weekend (3.20 euro) and start our journey. First stop was the Arch de triomphe. after snapping some beautiful pics :P Adli waved goodbye to us as he wanted to find his Hard Rock Cafe before going back to Gelsenkirchen. KA told him some direction based on his french friend guidance. the four of us then continue to Notre-dame.

Adli before bid us goodbye

Before that, we stopped somewhere near the Eiffel tower to get the shot from different side of the tower. There, we bough lots of key chains from this one uncle who spoke quite a good Malay. He stayed in KL previously. Worked there. He is from India if i did not get him wrong. With all the bags that we carried together, we had to be careful. Same thing applied to all travelers. Its better to keep it in the locker at the train station. but since the french is VERY friendly, they only had a few train station that has this service. Thus we decided to bring our backpack together.

At the other side of Eiffel Tower

Later, we went to famous Notre-Dame. We went out at Cite's metro station and found the palace of justice first. Then we went to our destination. At first, i wanted to que just so that i can get into the cathedral, but then decided not to as we do not have much time. Faris also not really interested to get in. He had enough of church in Europe he said ^^. Whatever la Pech...as for me, i don't really mind as long as i had my good time there with my friends. ^O~ After a few pics (a lot actually!) we took our bags and move on, marching to the next stop. our last stop at Paris.

After asking for some direction to metro station, we headed to our last stop. La-defence. The famous big building is here. Grand Arche. Faris however had to withdraw himself on our way to the last stop as he afraid he might miss his train to Amsterdam. So, inside the train, we departed. He stopped somewhere and took the train back to the station near Notre-Dame which is not far from the Gare de Nord. Have a safe journey mate. Till we meet again this summer. InsyaAllah. So, the 3 of us continue to our final stop. We had a great time there but it would be better if it is cheap to get to the top of Grand Arche. 8 euro! what a waste. hm..instead, we decided to find some lunch and we found this one noodle shop and had our Singapore noodle. Not that tasty as it had so many turmeric inside. lol. anyhow, about 3pm, we then headed straight to the station where we had to take our bus back to the Airport. It was a little too early i think but since everyone seems so tired (including me), we had a great sleep in the bus. I hope that i didn't snored in the bus. lol.

The humongous Grand Arche

After some fastidious security check at the airport which include twice passport checked by two different officers, stripped down (exaggerated) and unfriendly french officer, we board the flight at 7.20pm and arrived in Dublin somewhere around 7.40pm...

That's all. thanks for bear with my long essay. Pardon for any grammatical problem that had confused you. I'm still learning to write correctly. ^^


P/s: now time to study as the exam is just in a month. :D
Please make doa for us. May you get the benefit from reading this long tiring essay ^o^.