Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah SWT that I just finish my JC3 (junior cycle 3) exam today at 4.00pm GMT. The last paper was very difficult and I’ll salute those who can get 1st class for this paper specifically. I can even dream of it I think after the paper just now. MCQ was the most difficult I ever attempt. Seriously I’m not joking. Some of my friends do agree with me but let’s just pray for the best. HE is the one whose control everything and may HE grant us the best out of our effort. The rest of the exams were fairly okay I would say. The clinical exam was very interesting considering all the practices that I had with my housemates a few days prior to the exam. Oral anatomy exam probably the best I ever attempted. Luckily this time, I only asked by Dr. Garry Duffy and Dr. Gynie. Both of them were very nice. Alhamdulillah. The previous two semester, I wasn’t very lucky as I got people like Dr. Tom Farrel, Dr. McRyan, Dr. Fitzgeral and not to mention, the beautiful-yet-not so friendly Dr. Clara ^0^. Enough with the exam but seriously, I would be very glad if I can pass the Evidence base health module. Hmm..

As now, its after the exam, many event is waiting to be done I would say. Usually I have plan after the exam but this time, I’m so lazy even to think of one. Just feel like wanting to do nothing at all really. However, tomorrow all of us probably going to have some guy get going at Dundrum Town (if everyone wants to go) for some movie and sushi maybe ^.^ and the next day, pot-luck during dinner at my house, all guys are welcome. It’ll be around 8 pm. Bring something okeh if u feels like coming over. Abdul Malek insyaAllah will also be here as our special guest (“,)

And now for the two weeks holiday, everyone will leave me behind. :( It’s my fault really coz I want to save some money konon2 I want to enjoy at Malaysia la. (Serve u right MUAZ!) So, I decided not to follow them to Spain and now, I left alone at home. KA is also going to UK. So, to compensate for my mistake, I decided to fly to Liverpool to visit my relatives and maybe also going to Manchester to visit some friend over there (if they still remember me coz I haven’t contacted them for a long time). The rest of the time, probably I’ll just stay at home with my faithful girlfriend. My laptop. Haha, what a loser am I right?

This holiday also possibly my the last chance for me to relax and enjoy the moment before I have to readjust everything within a week prior to new semester as we are now need to go to Beaumont Hospital which will take about an hour of travel by bus per trip. The hardest of all is it’ll require me to wake up as early as 6am (or even earlier) everyday and force me to sleep early which means less study time. Really hope I can cope with that. All the seniors were advising us to be prepared mentally and physically because according to them, class at Beaumont and life over there wasn’t so much fun anymore. You can easily feels like no energy after class and wanted to sleep straight away (believe me, I witnessed this myself!) but at the same time, everything is getting serious which means more time actually needed for study. No more playing time for me maybe. Should I wave my goodbye to DOTA?? Bye bye my dear friend, till we meet again once in a while. (sigh)

Okay, enough with my whole lot of crap. Anyway, I would like to invite all my dear reader to continue to boycott the product like Coca Cola and McD which had been proven to directly contribute to the prosperity of the illegal country of Israel! Stop buying those product! U won’t die if u didn’t eat double cheese burger or one Big MC or even their fries. Look at me! I hadn’t touch any of those for the last 6 months! I’m still alive and well. Yes it is not halal here but if I want, I can just buy the fish burger (I did buy really when I was travelling coz it’s the easiest halal stuff to get). Another thing, KFC, I’m not sure if this do contribute, but if you feels like wanted to taste some halal KFC, you can now go to Germany instead of France. My dear friend over there told me that some of the KFC branches started to provide halal chicken. But you need to recheck with your friend over there before you go and grab some. NOT all KFC in Germany are halal. Maybe one day, all will be halal.

Okay then, time time its really the end. Promise! This is the thing that going to happen after a long time of not writing anything. Just feels like wanted to write everything that lingering inside my mind. Lol. Ok ok, enough, have a great day guys.

P/S: if anyone feels like joining me to Liverpool, it’s still available. I’ll go there this coming Tuesday. Accommodation is sponsored. (4 stars palace!) Buzz my YM.