First and foremost, i would like to ask for forgiveness as my blog were no longer active like it used to be during the last summer holiday as the new semester already took place since early October.However, i'll try my best to keep it updated as frequent as i can.

Though there are only 2 to 3 modules for us to learn this semester, it is still a time-consuming process and they surely worth more attention. At least thats what i think. The Neuroscience module seems to integrate everything ranging from HBS (the last year module) and the physiology and not to mention, the anatomy. Guess what, this semester, my friends and i will be dissecting the neck and brain of the cadaver as we go through the module. The other two modules are clinical competencies which circulating around the neurological examination and another one is the early patient contact (EBH) where we will be meeting a real patient and get some insight of their life.

This is surely a new experience for me especially when we have to go and meet the actual patient, face to face. As for me, i'm not so lucky since my group mate kind of lepas tangan and they want me to deal with the appointment with the patient (I don't really mind though). O'coz its just an easy thing to do. You only need to contact your patient and make an appointment to meet them but thought it seems easy, things are more complex really. With the level of fluency that i have in english, i hope that i didn't get the patient confused. lol. Anyhow, lets try and make this an opportunity to learn something new. May Allah make it easy for me and my group members.

Back to the business here, i just would like to share with u guys some of the pictures taken during our open house. Alhamdulillah, the event went very well and though we expect people to turn in up until about 10 pm, the last group of guest however left at about 10 past 12. Amidst their late arrival, they were very lucky coz they still got to taste the real deal of Kuah lodeh by Chef Faiz and Chef Yunus (not to mention the masterchef Muaz ^^) and also the delicious pasta. Sorry coz the rendang finished earlier than expected as people can't resist to eat only one piece per person. However, thats the rezeki of those who turn in early, they got to taste more and yeay...they return to their home with satisfaction and stomach full i hope. :D

So, here i would like to take the opportunity to thanking all guests who drop by at our house warming plus the Eid Party last 2 weeks and also not to forget, i also wanted to express my sincere apology and sadness as we only invited the male guests (excluding some married couples who bring along their spouse). InsyaAllah in the future, we'll try to include all. Anyhow, i hope no one terasa hati or anything coz sometimes, this kind of thing happen especially when we have housemate that can't tolerate female to step into our home. :P.
I think that he is afraid of getting anaphylactic attack if the opposite gender turn up at our door. lol

okay, thats all, enjoy the pic below... :D

The new kitchen area + everything also new

The luxurious and delicious foods

The early group

Some of them

With the guests

The suppose-to-be last batch of the night. lol