Just a short entry in conjunction with my best old buddy who's turning 21 today.
We met like since we were seven years old and Alhamdulillah, until today, the friendship still remain strong. Though we only had been a classmate for 6 year which is up until standard 6, i'm so grateful and thankful that the friendship remain as strong as if we were really close together all these while. Seeing each other only during school holiday and exchange stories was so fun. Really miss those great moment that we spent together.
The last time we met was during his visit to Dublin. InsyAllah may we meet again this July. [Wait for my arrival in Düsseldorf... :) ]
May both of us remain as a close friend till the end of our life.
Happy 21st birthday Ahmad Faris Ismail. May Allah always grant you strength and a better life ahead.

Bray, Ireland